Talking Geospatial Innovation with Shehzan Mohammed

WDBE Talks Shehzan Mohammed

Shehzan Mohammed is Director of 3D Engineering and Ecosystems at Cesium. In this WDBE Talks podcast interview, he discusses with Aarni Heiskanen the innovations in geospatial technology, game engines, and the value of open standards to the developer community.

The discussion topics include:

  • Shehzan’s career path
  • His vision
  • Shehzan’s most significant achievements so far at Cesium
  • What have been his biggest challenges
  • How Geospatial and BIM work together
  • How game engines and extended reality technologies open new opportunities for built environment designers and their customers
  • The value of open standards for the geospatial ecosystem

Shehzan also shares thoughts about his WDBE keynote on the 28th of September, 2022.

You can connect with Shehzan on LinkedIn and visit for more info on Cesium.

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