The 10 Winners of CEMEX Ventures’ Construction Startup Competition 2019

Cemex Ventures 10 winning startups

CEMEX Ventures celebrated its Pitch Day, an event at which the 10 winners of the Construction Startup Competition 2019 presented their solutions to a jury of experts in construction, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

The global challenge doubled its participation compared to the 2018 competition. It seeks new business models that work in the six priority opportunity areas defined by CEMEX Ventures. Launched in February, the competition challenged the most promising startups to become leaders of the construction revolution. 

The entrepreneurs who were invited for this three-day event in Monterrey, Mexico, came from Argentina, Australia, Austria, Canada, France, Norway, the United States, and the United Kingdom. In addition to presenting their project, they engaged with multidisciplinary teams from CEMEX to explore possible opportunities for collaboration. They also conducted workshops with Google to optimize their search for customers and to understand how digital media helps generate value for attracting customers.

The winners and their respective solutions were:

  • 360 Smart Connect: Intelligent traceability to increase efficiency in construction processes (France)
  • Arqlite: Production of artificial gravel entirely from recycled plastics, which is three times lighter and 10 times more insulating than conventional gravel (Argentina)
  • BuildStream: Real-time management of heavy equipment and logistics in complex construction projects and their supply chains (U.S.)
  • BldBox: Predictive analytics platform that takes advantage of historical project data and produces accurate estimates for new construction and development projects (U.S)
  • Matrak: Tracking network of construction materials that digitizes the supply chain (Australia)
  • Morta: Coding and automation for compliance with building regulations (UK)
  • PlanRadar: SaaS solution for documentation and communication in construction and real estate projects (Austria)
  • Rebartek: Automation of the prefabrication of reinforcement cages by industrial robots (Norway)
  • Thunderbolt pipeline: Intelligent end-to-end platform that uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to reduce risks and allow preconstruction teams to make more competitive offers (U.S)
  • Vero Solutions: Modular design builder that applies a disruptive and patentable technology (steel and cement) (Canada)

The jury consisted of leaders from the construction industry, technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship on an international scale. They represented companies such as Google, 500Startups, TEKFEN Ventures, WND Ventures, and Dalus Capital.

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Source: CEMEX Ventures, July 18, 2019

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