The Digital Maturity of Construction

The digital maturity of construction panel

In this episode of the AEC Business Podcast, our expert panel discusses the digital maturity of construction firms and digitalization in general. They reference a recent report revealing somewhat surprising UK construction companies’ results. The panel debates the concept of digital maturity and the high percentage of respondents who believe their organizations to be digitally mature.

The discussion is based on a report by a UK software company, which interviewed 175 individuals from various sectors of the construction industry. The report defines digitalization as the transformation of business processes through digital automation.

The panel explores the concept of digital maturity, with 68% of respondents considering their organizations to be very digitally mature. The panel shares their thoughts on this high number and delves into what it means for the industry.

Tune in to gain insights into the digital landscape of AEC firms!

The panelists are:

  • Aarni Heiskanen, AEC Business, the host 
  • Cristina Savian, BE-WISE
  • Enrique Nadales Clavero, Tylko Advisors & BIM Café podcast 
  • Jaan Saar, the Ministry of Climate of Estonia

You can also watch the interview video recording.

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