The Next Level of Access Control for Construction with IoT and Video

Iot Video construction

Triax Technologies, Inc. and EarthCam announced a partnership to integrate their solutions to increase visibility into jobsite perimeters, enhancing safety and security.

Using Triax’s Spot-r network, the two companies are offering a first-of-its-kind solution, enabling EarthCam’s high-resolution video cameras to provide real-time, independent visual verification of data identified through a worker’s wearable Spot-r Clip as it is swiped by each person entering and exiting the jobsite.

The Spot-r Clip, an Internet-of-Things (IoT) device attached to a worker’s belt, is a multipurpose credential for a worker’s access to the jobsite. It is synced to a worker profile in the Spot-r dashboard, enabling supervisors to manage worker identification and certifications to ensure compliance with regulations. Now, with the EarthCam integration, this data is synced to a video camera that provides a video segment as each person enters and leaves the site.

With these new capabilities, contractors and owners can know who is on site, as well as the exact time they entered and left. Additionally, the data that Spot-r captures on these transactions enables contractors to easily and quickly access the relevant images they need, rather than sifting through all of the video footage.

The combined technology is being effectively implemented at Lettire Construction. “We take site safety and security very seriously at Lettire,” said Nick Lettire, president and CEO, Lettire Construction. “By controlling and thoroughly verifying jobsite access with the Triax/EarthCam integrated technology, we are able to significantly enhance our safety and security practices and reduce risk. We have peace of mind knowing that we are covering all the bases when it comes to controlling who is entering and exiting our site, 24/7.”


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