The Numbers Behind Inefficient Construction Practices and Other News

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Here are our smart construction updates from February 2023.

Buildots just published a report analyzing quantitative data from 64 global construction projects and identifying common inefficiencies in current construction processes.

The data came from Buildots’ datasets.

Here’s a snapshot of the indicators:

Area Utilization: 46%

  • This is the percentage of available areas that are worked on during a given week.

Output Inconsistency: 56%

  • The fluctuation in each trade’s output from week to week.

Return Visits: 4

  • The number of trades that return to a work zone to finish incomplete work (not including rework).

Sequence Deviations: 3.6

  • The instances of activities being started out of sequence in each area.

Before automated data collection and analysis, metrics like these would have been hard to monitor. 

I’m sure these numbers are a wake-up call for many companies that want to improve their performance. They must identify the root causes of the inefficiencies and plan how to remedy the situation. That will not be a one-off campaign but a process involving several partners’ efforts.

You can download Buildots’ full report at


The BUILDCHAIN Project Enhances Data Exchange and Transparency in the EU Construction Industry

construction tech

Trace Labs, a WEB 3 developer, joins the EU’s efforts to create a smarter and more sustainable built environment with the BUILDCHAIN project. With its 11 EU partners, Trace Labs aims to improve efficiency, reduce errors, and increase transparency and trust in construction.

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The Construction Startup Competition – An Interview with Ibon Iribar

Ibon Iribar

The Construction Startup Competition 2022 allowed innovative teams from around the globe to showcase their solutions to leading industry developers and investors. I sat down with Ibon Iribar of CEMEX Ventures to discuss the competition and its value to the industry.

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Reaching Climate Goals with BIM – An Interview with Marzia Bolpagni

WDBE Talks Marzia Bolpagni

Ready to get inspired and learn more about sustainable construction practices? Join us for this WDBE Talks interview with Marzia Bolpagni of Mace, who shares her insights on the importance of BIM in reaching climate goals.

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Building change in the construction industry | An interview with Neeral Shah, Founder of YardLink

YardLink, launched in 2018, has become a hugely popular digital marketplace for contractors and construction suppliers across the UK.

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Simplebim: working with structured data

Martyn Day caught up with Maria Lennox, who heads up Datacubist’s BIM services, to dig a bit deeper into Simplebim and talk about the challenges of working with structured BIM data on big projects.

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Verifi3D is integrated with Dropbox to enable model coordination from anywhere via the cloud

Verifi3D’s Dropbox integration allows users to seamlessly sync and access their models (.rvt and IFC files) between Verifi3D and Dropbox, all in a browser.

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Vectorworks partners with Solibri to create Solibri Inside, a new SaaS-based solution

Vectorworks has partnered with fellow Nemetschek Group brand Solibri to create Solibri Inside, a new SaaS-based solution that provides in-design model checking for Vectorworks users.

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Combining digital twins with Building Lifecycle Intelligence

Cristina Savian shares some insights on how digital twins combined with a Building Lifecycle Intelligence approach, and openBIM, provided by software providers as the Nemetschek Group, can help accelerate digitalisation of the AEC/O industry.

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Why closing the data gap is key to sustainable construction

When it comes to industries contributing to the impact of climate change, construction is one of the biggest culprits. In this article, Tom Noctor, Procore explores how closing the data gap can help to drive sustainability in the sector.

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New construction technology releases in January 2023

eTakeoff, Topcon, RedTeam, and others have recently released new products and updates to keep construction projects running on time and on budget.

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Improving construction material efficiency by uncovering blind spots

Omar Abo Madyan of the University of Cambridge examines how to tackle carbon blind spots and data gaps that are holding back construction material efficiency.

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Vinci Building adopts Dalux model viewer for all sites

Vinci Building has adopted the Dalux 3D model viewing platform and will deploy it across all its sites.

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Symetri partners with One Click LCA

Symetri has formed a new partnership with One Click LCA, a developer of construction Life Cycle Assessment and Environmental Product Declaration software.

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Unlock Hidden Data to Improve Construction Fleet Efficiency with Telematics

The construction fleet industry has advanced in ways we previously would not have imagined.

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Why should construction companies adopt model-checking workflows?

Model checking has to lower the threshold for transition. It needs to reduce the biggest risks, establish common languages, and help people to express what they expect from one another.

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10 super promising Norway-based startups to watch this year!

10 Norwegian startups, all founded from 2020 onwards, including Modulize, Glint Solar, and layout.

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NCC takes the next step in BIM quality assurance with BIMcollab

BIMcollab, a leading provider of AEC solutions, and NCC, a leading construction company in the Nordics, have agreed on a multiyear contract to use its solutions for BIM quality assurance, including BIMcollab Cloud for issue management and BIMcollab ZOOM for model checking.

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Benefitting from Reality Capture Digital Twins using 360-degree Cameras

Technologies like HoloBuilder and the RICOH THETA X camera are transforming construction job site monitoring and adding critical efficiencies to collaborative workflows during and before construction.

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Hexagon acquires digital twin company LocLab

Hexagon has acquired LocLab, a German company that uses proprietary workflow technology and AI-based object recognition to help automate the creation of reality models for digital twin applications.

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5 construction-focused innovations from CES

From electric and autonomous equipment to AI-powered tracking solutions and cargo-carrying dirigibles, the construction industry’s future was on display in Las Vegas last week.

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Construction hoist use is lowering labor costs, driving adaptation

This article suggests that there are still contractors that are not using buck hoists or elevators for constructing an 8-story building.

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How technology can help you maintain your profit margins at residential projects

Residential construction profit margins are down due to multiple setbacks in the EU — LetsBuild explores three ways that digital construction technology can help.

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