The Rise of Volumetric Construction – An Interview with Henry Mickleburgh

Henry Mickleburgh

Volumetric modular construction is on the rise. I had the pleasure of interviewing one of the leading experts on the subject, Henry Mickleburgh.

About Henry

This is how Henry describes himself: “Narrowly avoiding a lucrative career in the burgeoning telecommunications industry of the late 80s, I was convinced, by a friend, to join him at University for the world of Civil Engineering. Years of ‘normal’ Site Engineering and Site Management Progression ensued, which I wasn’t really comfortable with. A part-time sponsored HR Master really only made me more dysfunctional. Fortunately, I found a far better home at AMEC in Preconstruction, where my eclectic outlook and love of all aspects of engineering became more of an asset. 

Moving to a Process and Project Management controls consultancy, in the late 00s, allowed me to work internationally and autonomously. A transition from Nuclear 7 years ago, to the world of international volumetric modular construction has offered me the opportunity to harness all of my background for what’s a genuinely ‘Jack of all Trades’ and exciting industry.”

You can find Henry on LinkedIn.

Listen to the interview (also on Spotify, iTunes, and other platforms)

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