The Story of BulldozAIR – Interview with Ali El Hariri


In this episode of the AEC Business podcast I talk with Ali El Hariri, Co-Founder and CEO of BulldozAIR. Ali’s company developed a mobile and Web solution for visual task management for construction.

Ali-El-HaririAli is a construction engineer who realized, while working on projects, certain limitations with existing construction software. They were internal solutions that did not allow collaboration with subcontractors that are responsible for most of the tasks in a modern project. Ali saw that with the introduction of tablet computers came punch list apps, but they were focused on the end of a project. He wanted a solution that would serve throughout the construction period.

After prototyping and collecting customer feedback, Ali and his team created BulldozAIR. It allows teams working in the field to better collaborate with the office by exchanging information in a visual way. Today, the company operates in Paris, France, and San Francisco.

You can learn more about BulldozAIR and sign up for a 30-day test drive at

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