Time Clock Software for Construction Companies Launched


ClockShark, a time clock software for construction companies, is now officially available. I tested it with the free 14-day trial on a laptop and iPhone. I found the software very intuitive to use and practical.

In January, I wrote an article titled Increase Billing and Reduce Costs with ClockShark. Now I had a chance to test first-hand the newly launched software.

The ClockShark user interface is clean. I could tell right away what to do, which is essential for software that’s supposed to be used by everyone. Setting up the system was easy. I added employees, jobs, and tasks. If you want, you can also add departments and locations.

When I wanted to start timing a job, I opened the app, selected a job and task from a list, and clicked “Clock In”. Once I had completed the task, I clocked out. I could also add notes, if necessary, to each entry.

Reporting is straightforward. With a few clicks, you can create weekly time cards, employees summary, jobs summary, employee details, and job details. The reports are pdf files.

Both the Web version and the iPhone app worked as expected. A nice bonus is that the app saves the geographical location of the user with the hours.

Plans start at just $8/user per month, and there’s a free 14-day trial. Check it out at ClockShark.

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