Transforming Construction Management with Wendy AI

Aiforsite Wendy AI podcast

In this episode of the AEC Business Podcast, Aarni Heiskanen is joined by a team from Aiforsite: Founder and CEO Kari Hirvjärvi, COO Pyry Virrantaus, and CTO Sami Kalliokoski. They discuss Wendy AI, a newly launched cutting-edge AI assistant for construction professionals.

Established in 2016, Aiforsite aims to develop IoT solutions that improve industry productivity. It is now in the final phase of technology development with conversational AI technology.

The capabilities of Wendy AI

Wendy AI is a groundbreaking virtual assistant tailored for the construction industry. It offers features that cater to professionals’ unique needs. This technology enhances productivity, project control, risk reduction, and cost savings, significantly improving lead time and project outcomes.

The chat functionality allows users to interact with Wendy conversationally, ask questions, and receive real-time insights related to their projects.

The BIM Explorer feature enhances project visualization and understanding, while the document management feature streamlines document-related tasks.

One of Wendy’s key features is automating tasks like compiling and sharing daily site reports, freeing time for professionals to focus on critical project aspects. Additionally, Wendy offers innovative content search functionalities to easily access design files, tender documents, and project-related information.

Future prospects

Aiforsite has successfully implemented over 150 projects across nine countries, serving major contractors and industrial clients. The introduction of Wendi AI is set to amplify the company’s already impressive benefits.

Wendy is a crucial product driving Aiforsite’s international growth strategy. The scalable SaaS solution ensures that construction professionals globally can access and utilize Wendy in their native language.

For anyone interested in AI solutions in construction, Aiforsite’s offerings represent a leap towards more integrated, efficient, and data-driven project management.

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