Two Podcast Interviews with Aarni Heiskanen

Aarni Heiskanen podcast guest

Aarni Heiskanen has been podcasting since 2012. Recently, he was a guest on two podcasts.

The ProjectReady Podcast

On an episode of the ProjectReady Podcast, ProjectReady CEO, Joe Giegerich, Head of Product Development, Shaili Modi Oza, Construction Innovation Agent at AE Partners, Aarni Heiskanen, and Vice President of Innovation at OAC Services, Salla Eckhardt discuss how viewing Enterprise platforms such as accounting systems, CRM and CDE’s as modules in a projects tech stack, drives the development of an integrated data environment by driving the same processes and project information management regardless of any single underlying system.

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The Bricks and Bytes Podcast

In an episode of Bricks & Bytes, Aarni Heiskanen, the Construction Innovation Agent at AE Partners, talked about productivity and innovation in the construction sector.

Learn why construction innovation is hard, how workers waste 80% of time, how digital tech cuts costs 20%, and how sustainability is driving the future.

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