Unissu is Hosting the Global Real Estate Equivalent of TED Talks

Unissu Connect

Proptech marketplace Unissu.com has launched Connect, creating the first simultaneous global view of the rise of technology in the property market.

Unissu will be working with local partners in 15 cities in five days on March 2-6, 2020. It will provide free-to-view videos from experts on the future of global real estate and the rise of technology in the sector.
The presentations will take place in Europe (London, Helsinki, Moscow, Budapest), North America (Toronto, New York, San Francisco), South America (Santiago, Buenos Aires, São Paulo), Africa (Lagos and Johannesburg) and Asia-Pacific (Hong Kong and Sydney).

“Connect is an incredibly ambitious project ensuring the best speakers and brands are elevated to an engaged and global audience,” says James Dearsley, Co-Founder of Unissu.

Apply for a speaker slot at https://www.globalproptech.com/

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