How Virtual and Augmented Reality Can Change Your AEC Business

AEC Business hosted a Virtual and Augmented Reality Webinar aimed at the construction industry. Watch the recorded presentations now!

The eight-trillion-dollar construction industry is ready to embrace virtual and augmented reality. According to the 2016 Construction Technology Report (JBKnowledge Inc.), 7.4 percent of construction companies have already tried virtual and 7.1 percent augmented reality.

Over the past year, as a writer and consultant on innovation, I’ve been flooded with questions from architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) businesses on how they can understand and take advantage of this new technology. I hosted a webinar titled “How Virtual and Augmented Reality Can Change Your AEC Business” aimed specifically at AEC Businesses that are interested in AR/VR and are hungry for more information.


  • Architecture, engineering, and construction business owners
  • AEC business and product developers
  • AEC professionals
  • Software and service developers
  • Clients


This online conference has a lineup of professionals with practical experience on using and developing VR/AR for the AEC industry. Here are the presenters and their presentation titles:

  • Aarni Heiskanen, Partner at AE Partners, host of the conference and author at
  • Jeffrey Jacobson, Ph.D., CEO, ConstructionVR – VR and AR in Architecture
  • Danielle dy Buncio, President/CEO, VIATechnik – The Future of VR and AR in AEC
  • Angeline Focht, Architecture, Shepley Bulfinch – Virtual Reality at Shepley Bulfinch
  • Evan Helda, Director, Sales & Partnerships, Meta – How the World Will See in 2020


The webinar was held on February 16, 2017.


This is a free webinar for registered attendees.



Ph.D., CEO, ConstructionVR

Jeffrey Jacobson, Ph.D., has been on the cutting edge of virtual reality and immersive media for 25 years, mastering each new wave of technology. His academic research centered on human cognition and learning with VR and analysis of human-machine systems, recorded in many publications in the scientific literature and hundreds of conference presentations In the last few years, Dr. Jacobson has been consulting with architects and builders on how to harness the new VR and AR technologies to improve their business.

His company, ConstructionVR, provides full spectrum support for training, subcontracting, and procurement in this area. He works with the client to upgrade their workflow with the new media, a complex problem they solve together. Dr. Jacobson is also the lead organizer of the BostonVR meetup group, the fifth largest in the world. He has led monthly workshops in VR and AR for AEC for more than a year, which has helped form a community of early adopters, who are now leaders in this industry in this area.


Co-Founder & President, VIATechnik

Danielle Dy Buncio is the Co-Founder and CEO of VIATechnik, a construction and engineering services firm transforming the construction industry through virtual design and construction by blending global human capital with cutting-edge construction technologies.  At VIATechnik, Danielle leads the company’s strategic growth efforts and builds and manages client relationships with some of the largest AEC firms around the country. 

Under Danielle’s leadership, the firm’s innovative and landmark projects have included everything from a point cloud BIM of one of the world’s largest breweries to the creation of a virtual “gaming” environment of a nuclear power plant. Danielle and the VIATechnik team are spearheading advancement of BIM, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Artificial Intelligence in the industry.

Prior to founding VIATechnik, Danielle worked for general contractors in the Bay Area, Sydney, and Chicago.  As a Civil Engineer and a LEED Accredited Professional, she has extensive commercial building, heavy civil, and marine construction experience. Danielle holds a BS in Civil Engineering from Stanford University and an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.


Director, Sales & Partnerships, Meta

Evan is a technologist obsessed with the evolution of human-computer interaction and the creation of more natural machines. As the Director of Sales and Partnerships at Meta, he is on a mission to shift the world from a paradigm of flat screens, to one that turns the world into our “desktop background”. In this role, he is responsible for understanding the desired uses cases for AR within the enterprise, education, and healthcare, and then uncovering the right partners to bring those use cases to life.

Previously, Evan played a key role in driving the adoption of ad tech that’s now used by nearly every Fortune 500 company. In his spare time, you can find him tickling the ivories on the piano, cooking up a storm in the kitchen, or marginally improving his tennis and golf game.


Designer, Shepley Bulfinch
Angeline Focht

Angeline Focht is a designer at Shepley Bulfinch, a national architectural design firm with offices in Boston, Phoenix, and Houston. Angeline has been an early adopter of VR technology – building and refining its in-house capacity, rolling it out in project work, and sharing it with clients. She has pioneered the implementation of VR at Shepley Bulfinch, doing everything from developing workflows between visualization software to helping teams use new virtual reality design tools in their projects.

Angeline is most excited about VR’s potential to translate designs and offer a familiar language to share spaces with clients. She co-chairs Shepley Bulfinch’s Revit User Group, a group that focuses on developing, standardizing, and maintaining content within the visualization software, and is an active contributor in the AEC VR community in Boston. She received her Bachelors of Architecture from Boston Architectural College.


The event organizer and sponsor is AE Partners, a construction innovation consultancy co-owned by Aarni Heiskanen, who will host the conference. is Aarni Heiskanen’s blog and podcast for innovators and game-changers in the construction industry. The popular blog has won accolades and has been featured in many industry publications and websites. Read more about the blog and the author at


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