Whatever Happened to XR in Construction?

Chat AEC Tech

In this episode of Chat AEC Tech, the panelists discuss the use of extended reality (XR) in the AEC industry, focusing on applications that use special hardware like headsets for mixed, augmented, and virtual reality.

The panelists share their experiences with mixed, augmented, and virtual reality but struggle to find use cases where the technology has proven useful, reliable, and user-friendly. They assert that if technology or tools allow you to do something you couldn’t easily do otherwise, it will be valuable. So far, XR solutions that fulfill that criterion are few and far between.

There’s also a discussion about the metaverse and its misconceptions. Damon shares fundamental insights about what the concept is all about. Finally, the panelists explore the “killer app” of extended reality in the AEC sector.

The panelists are:

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