Why We Need 3D Printing in Construction

Ekotekt 3d printing

On the AEC Business Podcast, Aarni interviews Abhishek Kumar Devjibhai, the founder and CEO of Ekotekt, a Helsinki-based construction tech startup. The company uses robotics, 3D printing, and CNC to create prefabricated building elements in a factory environment. They’re especially keen to solve the ever-increasing demand for new housing.

Ekotekt can fabricate walls, facades, and slabs. The structures are lightweight and consume 25% less material than traditionally. The company also uses environment-friendly concrete.

When Aarni asked why they’ve focused on offsite rather than onsite production, Abhishek said that they tried it, but offsite is more practical. Furthermore, this allows them to follow existing national building codes.

Offsite 3D printing combines the flexibility of digital fabrication and prefab installation practices that are familiar to Nordic contractors. No wonder Ekotekt is rolling out its production initially in the Nordics.

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