Why We’ll See Robots on Construction Sites

robots in construction

In his Architect Magazine article, Boston Dynamics construction manager Brian Ringley sees invaluable opportunities for robotics that have little to do with automating building construction and installation.

The notion that architects can regain their “master builder” status through robotic construction is not currently feasible, according to Ringley. He writes: “This file-to-field approach, challenging even for the few vertically integrated organizations currently capable of its execution, is infeasible to implement in today’s prevailing risk-averse and siloed design-bid-build delivery model.”

Instead of trying to gain control over the construction site, architects and other stakeholders should start to create data feedback loops with the field. In Ringley’s scenario, robots will be essential as feedback data providers. They can use various reality capture technologies to incessantly and methodologically collect data on the site. The data, managed and processed with machine learning apps, can provide situational awareness and functioning as-builts.

The positive feedback loop will encourage productive dialogue between stakeholders and the continuous collection of job site data. The as-built data incorporated into a design model will finally deliver on the value propositions of BIM, Ringley states.

Read the article at architectmagazine.com.

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