The Wonder of Self-storage Units and How Different Industries Can Utilise Them


The self-storage industry has enjoyed something of a renaissance in recent times, thanks primarily to innovation and marketing campaigns that have created a greater understanding of the benefits that units offer. More specifically, the industry has moved away from the notion that self-storage units are primarily for individuals or households with considerable amounts of clutter, and instead positioned itself as crucial business resource that can save money and aid profitability.

 Modern-day companies are increasingly keen on hiring self-storage facilities, thanks to the flexibility, low overheads and cost-effectiveness that they offer in a strained economic climate. From rolling contracts and short-notice periods that minimise your expenses and afford the business an element of freedom to the development of mobile storage units that can be transferred between individual sites, today’s self-storage industry delivers huge commercial advantages.

From Theory to Practice: How Self-storage Units help Businesses

With this in mind, let’s consider how self-storage units can be used to assist businesses across multiple sectors. Consider the following: –

1. Retail Businesses

The retail sector is renowned for encumbering businesses with high overheads, thanks primarily to the fact that huge amounts of capital are often tied up in stock. Self-storage units and service providers such as Safestore can enable small and independent retailers to carefully manage their stock holdings, however, initially by offering units in variable sizes that dictate how many garments and accessories can be stored at any one time. In addition to this, these units enable business owners to store their stock indefinitely without forcing them to pay outside of their means for larger warehouse facilities.

2. Firms in the Construction Sector

Not all business owners and industries are created equal, and while the retail sector usually includes permanent, fixed location outlets, others are forced to serve a number of sites on a temporary basis. Take the construction sector, for example, which recently grew at its fastest pace for seven months and requires contractors to move around the country in a bid to win and complete tendered work. Storage units can therefore serve a viable purpose for organisations within the sector, as it provides a low-cost and flexible structure in which they can store materials, tools and even waste while they wait to remove it. Another huge benefit of self-storage locations and units is that they are also secured, while insurance coverage will protect your assets while they are on site.

3. Car and Motorcycle Mechanics

While mechanics may operate from a fixed location, there are also chains of service providers that operate multiple sites throughout the UK. Managing these outlets can be a huge challenge, especially when you consider that every single site requires the necessary equipment and materials to function efficiently. There may be times when this needs to be stored away from your main business premises, whether you are looking to relocate, open a new outlet or simply delay its installation until a specific time. Storage units enable mechanics to do so easily and affordably, without forcing them to commit to extortionate long-term contracts and lease agreements. Innovative and forward thinking start-ups may also want to consider basing their primary business location from a self-storage unit, as this also minimises overhead costs without forcing you to compromise on either size or space.

With these points in mind, it is clear that a revolution has taken place in the self-storage industry. This has had huge logistical and financial benefits for businesses across multiple industries, which in turn have been shared with consumers for the greater good. If the industry continues to innovate, we can look forward to even more positive developments that will impact in a good way on additional start-ups and specific business sectors.

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