Zepth and Spot for Construction Management – An Interview with Prasoon Shrivastava

Zepth Prasoon Shrivastava

I had the pleasure of discussing the latest technology in construction management, robotics, with Prasoon Shrivastava, CEO of Zepth. The company has partnered with Boston Dynamics and uses Spot, the robot, for data collection on construction sites.

“The construction industry is going through rapid digital transformation, especially post-pandemic, and there are studies that indicate that in the next decade or so, almost 40 percent of the construction industries would be taken over by robots, which includes manufacturing as well,” says Prasoon. “We wanted to ensure that while we have one foot in the present, we should always have one foot in the future. And therefore we decided that we need to collaborate with Boston Dynamics and start creating solutions which are not only for today but for tomorrow as well.”

He explains why they saw a need for a dynamic reality caption solution: “One of the challenges that we noticed is that it’s not easy or it’s not possible to deploy permanent cameras on-site because the construction sites are extremely dynamic, always evolving, and therefore it is not practical to deploy permanent cameras.”

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About Zepth

Construction is a complex business and Zepth streamlines its management with practical solutions. It enables project teams to manage project risks, challenges and deliver quality projects on time and within budget with a central collaborative platform that manages projects, resources, and financials in unison. Zepth enables a transparent and seamless experience by creating value through time and cost savings with its robust modules like Project Cost Control, Inspections, Video Conferencing, and others.

Visit https://www.zepth.com for more information.

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